How To Bridge Funds From Ethereum To Avalanche Network

1. Add Avalanche network to Metamask as Custom RPC

Avalanche Mainnet Settings:

2. Transferring Funds from Ethereum to Avalanche

  1. Switch to Ethereum network in Metamask
  2. Go here:
  3. Choose Eth to Avalanche
  4. Click Transfer and confirm metamask popup to wrap as WETH.
  5. Once done, metamask will popup again to confirm the bridge TX. Confirm.
  6. You will then receive 0.05 Avax + Avalanche WETH once network confirms.
  7. You can swap the WETH to AVAX here:
  8. Next, you can purchase MaxVax (or any other token) here:

Now you are ready to go on the Avalanche network 🚀



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